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tv   News  ABC  March 29, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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fighting a lawsuit. they were passed over for promotion and told to pretty up for work it started with six women who claim to have gone through the same thing. christine is one of the original six. she says wal-mart discriminated against her and had an old boy culture for pay and promotion. christine says managers held business meeting at hooters and referred to women employees at little janey qs. she is not just suing over what happened to her, but also on behalf of nearly every woman who ever worked for the company. >> women desperately need the jobs to support themselves and their families and even if they are underpaid and even if they are passed over for promotions that they deserve. they can't leave. >> reporter: wal-mart denies the claims saying it never had a so-called corporate cull torr that discriminated against women. company says -- culture that
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discriminated against women. a huge suit like this wal-mart says, makes no sense of the it will be up to justices to decide. a ruling is expected by the end of june. 6:31. linda, thanks. happening right now you are looking at live pictures from damascus, serious. tens -- syria. tens of thousands are rallying in support of the president he. the president is facing the biggest challenge to his 11- year rule as antigovernment protesters heat up across the country. security forces have launched a swift crackdown opening fire at six location around the country including the capital dough mass -- damascus. according to human rights watch, at least 61 350e78 have -- people have been killed since march 18th. time for national news closer to home. high school students and an honor student is accuse of a crime. a 17-year-old girl whistol whipped her mother to get --
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pistol whipped her mother to get her to cosign. she had her eye on a convert he will but couldn't get the loan and -- convertible but couldn't get the loan. the mom called 911 while her daughter was at school. mother says she pistol whipped her and held her at gunpoint while they drove to the dealership. officials say a pilot making a preflight inspection of a u.s. airways plane found a hole in the fuselage. hole was visible on the aircraft exterior but didn't go all the way through into the cabin. the fbi is investigating how it could have happen. it flew to charlotte yesterday afternoon from philadelphia. passengers scheduled to fly out on that plane were then immediately booked to other flights. a small plane crashed into the water near st. petersburg florida attempt -- while it attempted to land. it was at the honda grand prix race and a spectator caught the crash landing on tape. the warplane had reported mechanical problems just before it ended up in the water. the good news is both the pilot
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and passenger were rescued and treated for minor injuries. 6:33 right now. we have seen the digs destruction and devastation in japan-- destruction and devastation in japan and emily and her younger brother scott started helping hands for japan. the two designed t-shirts and they are selling them for $10 all that money that they raise will go to help the people over in japan. >> i saw the people houses were breaking and. >> it was amazing how much a earthquake could do that. >> >> stie tart -- they started by selling them to people at the church and the mom started to sell them across the country. they have raised more than $700 so far. >> the smallest places. >> amazing. all right. off to a break. how about a shotgun. with the nfl package. a radio shack promotion is causing a stir. and we hear from the
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storeowner who says he wanted to bring in more customers. an there's an app for everything. but now a push to get rid of a app police say is helping drunk drivers out on the roads.
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welcome back. consumer alert this morning. and listen up. if you drive a honda. car makeer is recalling 2800 odyssey minivans because of a faulty window. car maker says the driver and front passenger windows in the 2011 models can come off track. so the windows may drop into the door. no one has been hurt so far. and earlier this month honda recalled more than 33,000 minivans because of the windshield problem. so, once again if you own an odyssey or honda, pay attention. and voxing with aan is recalling around -- voxing with
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aan is recalling-- volkswagen is recalling jettasch this is what the car looks like -- jettas. this is what it looks like. no injuries have been or accidents have been reported. owners will receive notification of the recall by mail. in an effort delaware and maryland they are banning smart phone apps to let yoi avoid -- let you avoid drunk driving checkpoints. let verse been sent to google and apple asking the apps be banned and they say the applications which provide the location of police checkpoints and allows users to report the checkpoints to others and hamper efforts to get drug drunk drivers off street are dangerous. radio shack is offering a potential dish tv customers more than a bang for their buck. customers get a gift certificate for a pistol or shotgun. the owner is quick to point out that this promotion is not nationwide.
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it's just at his store. and he just wanted to bring in business. since he stared the offer -- offer in october, the business has tripled. >> i knew there was a risk when you run this promotion, but i didn't realize how national it was going or how political it was going. i was looking for a community, my area, western montana type promotion because i feel it fits western montana. >> anyone who signs a two-year dish network agreet and qualifies for the right hardwarepackage could get a certificate to the local gun store. the owner says he hopes to makethe same offer with direct tv in april and those who don't wan the gun, they can get a 50 dollar gift certificate to pizzahut instead. if you enjoy fine wines, you don't have to leave home. >> a bill to allow home delivery is a step away from becoming law. details coming up. and teachers rally to try to save their jobs. but now some civil mind
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students are getting involved. and puppies getting a second chance thanks to your generosity. we will tell you what is happening today.
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tuesday morning this is your abc2 news to go. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check your forecast with justin berk. >> good morning. let's look at our time-lapse in downtown baltimore. you can see we have clear skies, a beautiful shot across the inner harbor. check out some of the weather conditions around baltimore itself. perry hall is at 28. perry hall middle school good morning to pry my friend at cockeysville, 31. and downtown by the maryland science center where camera shot was taken a. milder 34 degrees. a widespread this morning. it's chilly but we are dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. and sunshine followed by increasing clouds will aim for 5 257b we will talk about snow on the maps and it's trying to head our way. let's get you on your way with kim brown. >> we have a serious accident on 95 southbound right there as you approach eastern avenue. it has traffic jammed solid from the beltway. this was a crash involving five vehicles. traffic is pretty much at a
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standstill. we have two lanes opened. there's another accident in the backup. 95 at 895 so again if this is where you travel, don't go this way. you could take 895. it's going to take a while to get there. you might want to get creative making your way into baltimore city. looking at the maps, dealing with two traffic lights out in baltimore county. i will let you know where they are and how it affects you in few moments. now back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:44. japan is more than 9,000 miles away from maryland, but the concern over japanese radiation that's leaking from there is a real concern here this morning in the united states. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with what local official are saying this morning. >> reporter: state leaders say level of -- levels of radio activity are small and doesn't pose a health risk to us. maryland headlight official say we have little to worry about even though radio activity from tokyo's nuclear facility is already here. the state tested the public water system but turned up no further evidence from japan's
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fallout. now any radio activity found here came from the atmosphere through clouds and storm systems. it's a leal of radio activity characterized as being less than any x-ray but even cat scans and dental x-rays require patients to wear a protective vest. now maryland health official say it's unlikely any contamination could make its way here through currents in the chesapeake bay. >> we did detect very small -- small amounts of radio activity in the air. we detected very, very small amounts in the rainwater which is not unexpected. other states are seeing that as well. >> reporter: local health officials say it's not necessary to take potassium iodide because it could cause harmful side effects. but if you would like more information, you can head to our website. click on news tab and click on world. we have video here. this is the nuclear plant
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facility in japan and as you can see the devastation still is very massive there. and if you want more information, click on here on the website. reporting live in the interactive news center, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. president obama is defensing man attacks in libya and he did it during a nationwide address. spoke to the country in a prime time speech. a senior administration official says the u.s. wants to improve ties with leaders of the libyan rebels. the official says american diplomat will travel in the coming days to establish better ties. 6:46. police in baltimore city are searching for suspects after the murder of a 17-year-old in the four by four section of the bellar addison neighborhood in northeast baltimore. he died down the street from his home sunday night. he and a friend were in a car when someone walked up and shot both of them. he died and his friend was hit in the arm. police have no suspects and they don't know what believe
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led to the murder. he is the 38th murder victim in baltimore city this year. the supervisor of 13 city employees accused of gambling and drinking on the job has been suspended. police say the department of transportation workers were not begin crim malback -- criminal background checks before they were hired. it's not a policy to do the checks unless they are filling position of trot. they were caught playing dice and drinking in the break room on they all face charges this morning. the investigation into the police union president and sergeant weston who is accused of getting into an altercation in parkville. a driver claims weston was drunk and threatened him with a gun. we have learn the case is being handed over to the harford county state's attorney's office to eliminate potential conflicts of interest. for now, though, weston is still on the job. if charges are filed, though, he will likely be suspended.
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baltimore county police need your help finding three man accused of assaulting a clerk and robbing a north point bar and liquor store. look at the screen. these are the three men police are looking for. this is images taken the night of the robbery. it happened last weekch the store clerk told officers he was counting out the receipts and closing time when two of the men attacked him and punched him several times and fled with the cash. anyone with information about the three people are asked to call police immediately. 6:48 right now. baltimore city circuit court judge has sentenced a virginia man to 0 years in prison -- 40 years in prison for raping two women in the canton area. 20-year-old donald vaughn pled guilty to rape and assault. prosecutors say in january, 2007, vaughn raped a woman in her home and in december of 2009, vaughn raped a woman and slashed her neck after he said he would shovel her snow at the property. officers say that vaughn had two sexual assault cases prior that were pending in virginia. crime in baltimore county
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is on the decline. county leaders say the new numbers showed -- show a five- year downward trend. number of homicide has been cut in half since 2005. they credit the gang enforcement unit and the workplace violence team. they say the state's attorney office had a major impact with dna evidence and tougher sentencing. some of baltimore's best nonitalian restaurants are joining a suit against the project. they want to block the redevelopment of midtown baltimore. project includes adding more office space which the plaintiffs fear will take tenants away from themp restaurants say the project would hurt them in this suffering ecomony. education funding is one of the big issues at the state senate now turning its attention to the budget. senate president mike miller says senators will look to close a 1.6 billion dollar
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budget gap through cuts and modest service increase that is includes fees to you through the mv-a. there's a controversial alcohol tax still on stable. and a vote the senate could come as early as tomorrow. if you love your wine andyou could have -- you could have it shipped to your house. the the state senate passed a direct wine shipping bill. it heads to the govern owe's des -- governor's desk. consumers will have the right to have it sent to their homes but only from wineries and not retailers. the governor says he plans to sign the bill. the house of delegate passed a bill to study medical marijuana creating a 18-member panel to discuss the best ways to create a medical marijuana program. patient who is use marijuana can treat medical conditions to
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use it as a defense in court. medical marijuana is legal in 15 different states and washington, d.c. ten minutes away from 7. if you are traveling around falls road and cold spring lane in baltimore this -- next few hours, expect a lot of traffic there. it's going to be busy because protesters with chesapeake crime action network with handmade signs will rally to call on elected officials to do something more to come up with alternative energy sources. protest starts at noon and as the station that works for you, we will cover it and let you know what happens. look at gas prices in maryland. we are paying 3.59 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas. the national average is 3.57. everyone is right on par. students want the pk like to -- public to know about proposed school sites. dozens rallied in towson carrying signs to save teachers as well as ap classes and a few other items they fear could be in jeopardy because of budget shortfalls. students say they have done
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enough research and what they found so far they don't like. budget cuts are expected in baltimore county and many school districts throughout the state of maryland. the majority of baltimore city council members support stephanie raul-blake's new rap of the city council district. they approve it last night. two council members say they are sure they may sue because they claim it cuts down on the power of african american and hispanic voters in some neighborhoods. the city chart requires re-- charter requires redistricting plans are approved by friday. all right. this day in history, where were you when 27 years ago today the colts left baltimore and left a void until the city got the ravens. may flower moves vans arrived around 2 a.m. and hours later they left. the sports legend museum at camden yards contains an exhibit marking the day including radio and print coverage from that day.
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crab season opens up friday. but this year, a financial pinch that has watermen trying to find themselves in what they could be facing for the coming season. the rise gas prices has some nervous about the opening of the crab season. watermen are always waiting to see if the harvest restrictions will loosen up. two years ago, the population was so low it forced restricts so low. crabs are active when the water warms up in june. 6:53. in over an hour, surgeons will operate on special puppies down in annapolis. we brought you the story last week of three puppies at the pet rescue of maryland. they were born with front leg deformities. it makes living a daily struger. but today they will go under the -- struggle. but today they will go under the knife. look for updates throughout the week on abc2. now, maryland's most pourful doppler radar and the forecast certified most
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accurate by weatherate. >> the snowstorm when the may flower trucks move out and this is the anniversary for the biggest snowstorm on record. march 29th, 1942, 29.9 inches. it's possible to have a big one this time of year. some computer models are trying to do it this week. but today, mostly sunny, late clouds and chilly high 52. ray lewis' number. tonight, down to 30. we cloud up and could have something here by daybreak. looking for a mixture of snow and rain. if it gets here early enough, we could have an issue. but we should hit 42 downtown. no stickage during the day expected. here's why. we have been watching this system back to the west. over the weekend, st. louis was on the northern fringe. now it's about 100, 200 miles to the north. we follow that into the cold air an it puts baltimore on target tomorrow. so we are taking the storm idea weather pattern. we shift it north and you know southern maryland had accumulating snow on sunday morning. so we will watch and see how
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this develops. one of the computer models actually has been a little slow with developing a lot of recent storm systems. this chunk of precip at 5 a.m. tomorrow could be much closer to baltimore. so tune in with us tomorrow morning. we will watch maryland's most powerful doppler radar as the system progresses. thiss one solution a rain line near baltimore annapolis south. snow in the mountains that could be clipping right through central baltimore. it's always apropos baltimore is in the mix and any shift north and south could mean snow or it could mean rain. we have the potential of a larger snowstorm trying to develop. i said that. least interior sections thursday night and friday. how that plays out for baltimore is still up for debate. but a wentry mix tomorrow and thursday and then thursday night into friday low temperatures will be close enough that we could have to talk about accumulations. here kim with traffic. >> reporter: justin, traffic is terrible this morning traveling 95 southbound. we have an accident as you approach eastern avenue that has all lanes blocked except
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for the far left lane. but that's not really helping the delays right now. it's jammed solid from the beltway and these delays are growingp this is from an accident that happened around a hour ago involving five to 6 vehicles and it has traffic really not moving. if you know anybody in the backup, call them and tell them to put the car in park and turn it off and save the gas because they will be there for a while. we have reports of a vehicle fire in the backup southbound 95 right this at the 95 split. also dealing with 2 traffic lights in baltimore city, at mace avenue and the traffic light is not working at windor mill and keenan drive this morning. the drive times are reflected southbound 59 from white marsh to the beltway about a 9-minute trip. now back to you guys. >> all right. don't forget about "good morning maryland" at nine. we shop you join us and we will have -- join us -- we mope you join us and we will have news weather and traffic. >> today, tomorrow. >> kicking can i believe he said. >> yes. kicking in the morning.
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>> perfect. >> news is always on at abc2 news.cop. we will see you. -- we will see you. mr. perdue!
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